Behind-the-scenes at the White House: The First Family Share best photos


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Melania and her son Barron finally moved into the White House on Sunday, almost five months after Donald Trump’s inauguration. Sharing a photo from inside the presidential residence after her arrival the former model said she is “looking forward to the memories” they will make in their new home, and judging by the photos shared from the rest of the President’s children, the new First Family are already truly enjoying life in Washington D.C.

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President Trump‘s children Ivanka, Donald Jr, Eric and Tiffany have all been sharing their own photos from inside the White House over the past few months, giving people from around the globe an access-all-areas glimpse at some parts of the residence that have previously never been seen before. While at first glance they may just appear to be sharing photos of regular family life, they have given a unique insight into life in the White House, where playing on the South Lawn is an everyday occurrence and the family have access to their very own private bowling alley. Click through the gallery to see some of the best behind-the-scenes photos from the White House…

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Image result for ivanka donald new pictures

To The Time 15-Year-Old Ivanka Trump Was Photographed Dancing On Donald Trump’s Lap…

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Pregnant Melania Trump Stands in Front of Jet?

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Ya, We Get It. Melania Was a European Model.

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Melania Trump. Model First, First Lady Second?

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Donald Trump’s Vulgar Comments

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Trump’s “Golden Shower” With Russians

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