BREAKING: John Kelly Regrets Taking Chief of Staff Trump Refuses to Stop Tweeting:‘Bloomberg News Report’


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The president is an avid Twitter user — as we all know. Donald’s usage of the social media platform has proven to be both incendiary and defining for his presidency. On Twitter, he has both heaped praise on his followers and lashed out at pretty much everyone imaginable, from small town union leaders to foreign governments.

Within the last couple of weeks, Donald Trump fired his Chief of Staff, former RNC official Reince Priebus, and replaced him with then-Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly. Trump brought Kelly on with lavish praise, but — unsurprisingly — he is reportedly not about to let him curtail his usage of Twitter.

To be sure, Bloomberg reported since Kelly assumed his position as the highest ranking official in Trump’s White House that he’d hoped to curtail the president’s incendiary tweeting. One anonymous source speaking to Bloomberg said that the retired General had been “offering a different way to say the same thing.”

However, in the face of Donald Trump continuing on being himself, and Kelly getting a glimpse of that first hand, the retired General has reportedly given up on trying to rein in the president’s tweeting habit, even while exerting tight control throughout the rest of his administration.

On Monday morning, while on a seventeen day excursion to his private golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, that has been billed as a “working vacation,” Trump fired off a long, angry screed that seems to have mostly been in response to things he saw on television. For example, on Monday morning, Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal appeared on CNN to defend Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s integrity and ability to do his job. Trump, in turn, posted an angry series of tweets trying to discredit Blumenthal.

Now, Gen. Kelly has given up on trying to rein in the president’s tweeting habits. POLITICO White House Correspondent Tara Palmeri wrote on Twitter this Monday morning that she “was told Kelly’s accepted that he will not have control over tweets.” She added, “No one controls Trump’s twitter.”

She was writing in response to POLITICO Senior Writer Jake Sherman, who was questioning the president’s Monday morning tweets in the face of the recent reports about Kelly seeking to control the president’s tweeting habit.

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