Kellyanne Conway Embarrasses Herself On Twitter – Readers Make Her Regret It


Kellyanne Conway has to dread tweeting since every single time she does it, social media users eat her alive. That hasn’t stopped the dimwit, however, as she continued to bless us all with the marvelous splendor that is the inner workings of her brain.

Conway took to Twitter to share a NY Post story about Trump taking white flowers to Rep. Steve Scalise after he was shot Wednesday morning at a congressional baseball practice game in D.C..

She tweeted:

“Class act. Thanks, also, , for beautiful address to nation earlier commending first responders, calling for unity & caring for all.”

What a crock.

President Trump cares about people about the same as any other ruthless dictator, and Twitter users conveyed that notion with the hilarious posts left in the comment section of the thread.

Check out a few of them below: