Kellyanne Conway Goes On CNN, Blames Obama For L.V. Shooting, & Gets Humiliated


Following the tragic shooting that took place in Las Vegas on Sunday night, a number of people became frustrated with President Trump when he refused on multiple occasions to talk about gun violence and gun control in the U.S. He wouldn’t even address the issue during a recent visit to Las Vegas.

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When he was asked about whether or not the U.S. has a problem with gun violence on Wednesday, Trump told reporters at the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada:

‘We’re not going to talk about that today. We won’t talk about that.’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo asked White House counselor Kellyanne Conway about Trump’s hesitance to talk about gun control and gun violence. Conway dodged the question and instead said that the shooting was President Obama’s fault.

Conway specifically blamed the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives under the Obama administration for not regulating the bump fire stocks that Stephen Paddock used on Sunday night. Bump fire stocks, also known as bump stocks, are devices that make a semi-automatic weapon fire like an automatic weapon.

Although it’s already been noted that the bureau may not have had the authority to regulate these products, Conway said during the interview:

‘I did note … it was President Obama’s ATF, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, in 2010 that decided not to regulate this device. That should be part of the conversation and part of the facts that you put before your viewers.’

Conway went on to argue that Democrats like Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren don’t talk about gun control until a tragedy occurs.

‘[Clinton] has tweeted about guns one time this year. Bernie Sanders, zero times. Elizabeth Warren, zero times. They have tweeted about Russia over 30 times, Sanders and Warren.’

She also said that CNN’s “obsession with Russia has been to the exclusion of this conversation.”

After these comments, Cuomo snapped at Conway at told her not to “cheapen” the Vegas shooting with partisan attacks.

‘Kellyanne, I’m tired, so I apologize in advance. A lot of this just doesn’t wash: All you need to know about the bump stock is that it was legal, and that’s what allowed him to lay down that field of fire — that’s all you need to know about it. There’s no thoughtful conversation to have about it.

‘Don’t cheapen what happened in Las Vegas.’

Conway responded by telling Cuomo not to “go there to get the soundbite,” but the host continued:

‘The President says “not now,” and then it never happens. You make the point yourself, whether you want to put it on Sanders or any other Democrat, you say “they don’t talk about it except when it happens.” Yeah, that’s right: Because when it happens, there’s acute need and focus. And when you say, “Well we don’t want to talk about it now,” you’re ignoring the urgency and hoping it goes away.’

When Cuomo was finished, Conway said that Trump couldn’t talk about gun control because he was “focused on the tragedy and the victims.”

Cuomo countered:

‘You can do both. You go and you comfort. You show moral agency. Then you take action as a leader to try to make it better.’

Watch the full interview between Cuomo and Conway in the video below, available via YouTube.