Kellyanne Conway Offers Dumbest Proof Ever Against Russia Collusion Allegations


Like that lobster roll you bought at a gas station that one time, White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway is the gift that keeps on giving, even if you don’t want her to.

In an interview on Sunday’s “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos, Conway ran through some of her greatest hits while also dropping a hot new Song of the Stupid Summer for fans to groove to on the golf course.

There was Conway’s classic wall of Obama when confronted with the White House’s lies about Donald Trump’s participation in a cover-up of his campaign’s Russian collusion meeting, and her more recent hit, that millions of Trump fans are more important than the stupid rule of law.

But Conway really sizzled when she rebutted the Russia investigation by pointing out that she had never personally conspired with Russia on television — or at least not on ABC:

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“I spent a lot of time with you during the campaign as a campaign manager, on your two programs, and others with ABC as well. What one thing did we ever say, do, or conspire that had anything to do with Russia?”

That may sound like the worst humblebrag in the history of political scandals, but with this bunch, it actually is remarkable that they didn’t do something that stupid. Unless you count Trump following that meeting with public declarations about compromising material on Hillary Clinton and an explicit plea for Russia to hack the U.S. government. But Conway is right, it wasn’t her, and it wasn’t on ABC News.

Conway also conspicuously refused to say whether Trump would commit to not firing special counsel Robert Mueller, who has just impaneled a Washington, D.C., grand jury for the Russia probe:

STEPHANOPOULOS: Bottom line, Kellyanne —


STEPHANOPOULOS: Does the president commit to not firing Robert Mueller?

CONWAY: The president has not even discussed that. The president is not discussing firing Bob Mueller.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But will he commit not to fire him?

CONWAY: We are complying and cooperating with — he has not even discussed not firing — he has not discussed firing Bob Mueller.

STEPHANOPOULOS: That’s not what I’m asking.

CONWAY: And in fact, Ty Cobb — well, hold on. I’m not the president’s lawyer here. But I will tell you, as his counselor, he is not discussing that.

Conway also would not say if Trump supports bipartisan legislation to make it difficult for Trump to fire Mueller, saying it was based on “hypotheticals.”

With Trump and his minions raising the not-so-implicit threat of mob violence if Mueller returns indictments in the Russia probe, there may come a day when the worst thing we feared Trump might do would be to fire the special counsel.