Melania Travels Alone And Look How Melania’s Face Changed As Soon As Trump Entered

Melania Trump broke decades of history on Tuesday night when she decided to arrive on Capitol Hill separately from President Trump. She traveled alone.

When she entered the gallery to sit where First Ladies normally sit, she was all smiles. But, when Trump entered below, her face noticeably changed.

Now, we don’t normally like to gossip, but several reports say Melania is furious with her husband after the news broke that Trump told his lawyer to pay off former porn star Stormy Daniels to keep silent about their affair, an affair that happened when Melania was pregnant with their youngest son Barron.

Look at Melania’s face when Trump arrived. You can tell she’s not happy.

Now, look at Melania when she entered the gallery. She was all smiles then.

Trump looks unhappy and shakes his head no,
Also notice how he holds on to the straps in the limo.
Is the car really going that fast?

If only there was a camera on Melania Trump the entire night to see all of her facial expressions as Trump talked. That’s something we would like to see!

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