The RNC Just Asked Americans To Take A Trump Poll, Immediately Regrets It (TWEETS)


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While we can’t say many nice things about Republicans, we have to admire their “bravery” and persistence. A year into Donald Trump’s disastrous failure of a presidency (in which he still has a historically low approval rating), the GOP still has the guts to ask Americans what they think about the imposter in the White House.

 Polling Americans about their thoughts on Trump has backfired every single time — and the GOP still hasn’t learned its lesson. However, the Republican Party has gotten wiser by only giving Americans certain “options” (which are all positive) in their polls. As hard as the GOP tries to make Trump look like less of a loser, the evidence is clear as day.
The Republican National Committee recently found this out the hard way as it asked Americans to take part in an approval poll for Trump — and let’s just say that things didn’t work out the way the RNC wanted them to. Here’s the poll the GOP tweeted out:
We want to hear from YOU. Take the President’s Official February Approval Poll today.

This was shared on Saturday morning, and the backlash was immediate. As the RNC tried to encourage only positive responses (it’s the only way Trump can get good ratings), the RNC only allowed participants the options of “Great,” “Good,” “Okay” or “Other.” The RNC would immediately regret giving people the option to write their thoughts in the “other” option of the biased poll. Here are some of the most brutal responses, which will teach Republicans that any approval poll about Trump is a lost cause:

You guys are hilarious. Talk to me more about how millennials need participation trophies. 🙇🏻‍♂️

You don’t really want to hear from us. @realDonaldTrump stops listening when people disagree with him. He’s a snowflake and a failure.

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Here’s mine!

Approve of what? Should we approve of his vetting skills? Letting high level WH persons handle & view classified documents without proper clearance? Tax breaks to the wealthy & himself? His perpetual lying? What should we approve of?

Since there was no option on that biased poll:


He is the worst president we’ve ever had. He is the embodiment of bigotry, hate, hypocrisy, narcissism. He is a pathological liar and sadly has conned many people of this nation. Luckily his days are numbered

The Republican Party desperately needs to come to terms that Trump should not be in the White House. Any attempt to boost his ratings or make him look better is a lost cause.

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