Trump Dedicates Golf Trophy To Suffering Puerto Ricans & Twitter Users Are Infuriated


The people of Puerto Rico right now are suffering. Their needs, of course, are simple yet critical. They require food, clean water, power, and a safe, warm place to lay their heads. However, President Donald Trump knows what they really need, and it will make you shake your head in absolute disgust.

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While the citizens of Puerto Rico suffered, Trump kept it chill at his Bedminster, New Jersey golf course over the weekend before heading to a New York City golf competition. After the competition, he decided to make the most generous of gestures and dedicated the “Presidents Cup golf trophy” to the people of Puerto Rico.

‘We have it under really great control, Puerto Rico and the people of Florida who have really suffered over this last short period of time with the hurricanes. I want to just remember them, and we’re going to dedicate this trophy to all of those people that went through so much that we love, a part of our great states and really a part of our great nation.’

Well, isn’t that nice? Can the citizens of Puerto Rico cook on it? Does it provide power? Is it like a magical trophy that has a neverending supply of clean water in it? If the trophy isn’t any of those things, I can’t imagine what a golf trophy could mean to an entire island of people without the most basic necessities to live.

Needless to say, the Internet responded to Trump’s gesture towards Puerto Rico and berated him deservedly. You can check out those responses below.