Trump Just Had An Twitter Meltdown; This Makes Him Look SO Guilty (BIZARRE TWEETS)


It’s becoming more obvious than ever that Donald Trump is extremely stressed out over the way his Russia investigation is going. As Special Counsel Robert Mueller closes in on him and his corrupt team, Trump is coming undone at the seams and trying to pretend that nothing is happening. Unfortunately for the disgraceful POTUS, he’s not very good at it.

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Everyone knows that when Trump gets stressed out and feels cornered, his tweets get crazier – and that’s exactly what we saw from Trump this morning, when he had a complete meltdown on Twitter. Building upon his tweets last night about Hillary Clinton’s team rigging the 2016 primary against Bernie Sanders, Trump continued to attack his former opponent in a pathetic attempt to take some of the heat off himself. As his own investigation is making headlines on a daily basis, Trump is now calling for an investigation into “Crooked Hillary”:

Trump posted these outbursts right after he told Mediaite‘s Larry O’Connor that he was “frustrated” that he couldn’t investigate Clinton himself. During this meltdown, Trump decided to bring attention to something that would make nearly every American rejoice – his Twitter account had been briefly taken down by a disgruntled Twitter employee who was leaving his job yesterday.

But that didn’t distract Trump for long. He went right back to his “Crooked Hillary” rant:

Trump wrapped up this morning insanity with resurrecting his racist nickname for Senator Elizabeth Warren as he called her “Pocahontas.”     

This man is absolutely insane and his rants are a great indicator of his mental competence on any given day. Based on Trump’s tweets this morning, let’s hope he doesn’t have to make any big decisions today – he clearly isn’t mentally stable enough to be trusted.