Trump Has Psychotic Breakdown, Celebrates Failing Presidency With Anti-Trump Tweet


Donald Trump has a serious ego problem, and we have all been horrified at one time or another at the ridiculous lengths he will go to earn some praise. Unfortunately at this time in Trump’s failing presidency, praise and positive news coverage has been pretty hard to come by – especially as the undeserving POTUS just passed a highly unpopular health care bill and is ending his first year in the White House with only one major legislative accomplishment.

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Trump is now so desperate for attention and ego-stroking that he’s taken to praising himself on and off Twitter – but his self-gratification has just taken a very embarrassing, concerning turn for the worst. Trump has gotten so desperate that he’s actually tweeting things that make him look BAD instead of good!

Yesterday, Trump tweeted a right-leaning Trump-friendly poll that bragged about how only 46 percent of the country approved of the job he’s doing as POTUS. That same Rasmussen poll  also reported that the majority of the country (53 perfect) does NOT approve of Trump’s job performance!

Trump is literally celebrating the fact that even the most pro-Trump polls are reporting that most of America hates his living guts. This is nothing to brag about at all – especially when more accurate polls, such as Gallup’s latest survey, show that Trump’s approval rating is only 38 percent!

Trump has seriously lost his mind and his constant need for praise is actually starting to work against him. If Trump would only stop playing golf, tweeting, and watching television and actually do some work, his approval rating might actually be something to celebrate – but until then, Trump is apparently fine with celebrating his failures. The only thing he has succeeded at throughout his entire first year, is lowering our expectations.


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