Trump Shoves His Wife Out The Way To Steal The Spotlight During Photo Op; Melania Left Stunned (VIDEO)

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Donald Trump is paying a visit to the state of Ohio to promote the Republicans’ tax bill. First Lady Melania Trump will also be joining her husband on this trip to visit Cincinnati Children’s to learn about the opioid crisis.

But just before they departed from the White House, the two were spotted walking toward Air Force One. As the press began to take pictures, Trump stopped mid-walk to push Melania aside so that the cameras would draw all of their focus on him. Trump, who is notoriously known for stealing the spotlight, waved to the cameras and smiled while Melania looked as though she wanted to flee the scene completely.

Watch the footage courtesy of NBC News, below:

Also, it appears as if Trump is attempting to reach for his wife’s hand, but she pulls it behind her, avoiding contact. Many have speculated that Melania may have worn a long coat to camouflage her hands from Trump’s sight. Nonetheless, Twitter comments were pouring in:

History has proven that Donald Trump treats his wife like a mere object he can toy with. The narcissist-in-chief can’t stand not being in the spotlight. Then again, Melania knew what she was in for when she married Donald. In his eyes, she is nothing but a trophy wife, no matter how many accomplishments she makes as a First Lady.

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